Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery and Pricing

We will deliver your driving record to you through e-mail. If you would like a mailed copy or would like us to send your record overnight we do have those options for an additional fee.

Yes, if you order your driving record during normal business hours there is a good chance you get it within minutes. After hours it could take as long as 8 hours to receive your driving record.

We charge $29.95 to process your driving record for you.

Our website is encrypted by geotrust 256 bit SSL certificates. Your driving record will also come password protected for your safety. We put security as our number one concern, which is why we don’t store any driving records on public servers, and we do not store any credit card information at all.

Let us know and if you have already paid the first fee, we may be able to process a different record for the same person at a discounted rate.

We typically process records within the hour, if not minutes. So please email us at with the driver’s license number and we check on your order.

As a courtesy, all orders include an email delivery, which is acceptable by the courts. If requested your record be mailed to you, a copy will ALSO be placed in the mail. Mailed records typically take 5-7 business days for delivery.

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